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rosetyler_lims's Journal

Rose Tyler Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to Rose Tyler Last Icon Maker Standing! Here, a challenge will be posted each week related to Rose Tyler of Doctor Who fame. People will be eliminated each week until there is only one left standing. Any and all can sign up, no matter your how good you are. So read the rules and sign up!


01. Sign up! This post will remain open until the voting for the first challenge goes up. I'll put the first challenge up when we get around 30 participants.

02. All icons must follow LJ's standards. So nothing over 100x100 or 40kb. All entires must remain anonymous to ensure that people don't vote for their friends and everything stays fair.

03. You have to enter every challenge (that's the whole point!) unless you use a skip. If you don't enter, you will unfortunately eliminated.

04. Everyone has one skip from the beginning, but you can earn more by pimping the community out. Just post the link in the skip post [HERE], and I'll give you an extra skip for each time you pimp. (2 max) Just leave the link of the place you pimped as a comment to the post I just linked.

05. When signing up, include the phrase "Defender of the earth" so I know you've read the rules.

06. That's it! Go sign up!


If everything goes to plan, here's how it'll all happen over the week. (Times are GMT)
Monday afternoon: Challenge goes up.
Saturday afternoon: Deadline, voting goes up.
Monday afternoon: Winners, new challenge.


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Comment [HERE] with your LIMS community to affiliate.

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